1000w led grow light UK

Have a 1000w led grow light UK that is very similar to natural sunlight and thus works well throughout all growing cycles, like provide a full spectrum light suitable light from seed to harvest?

Yes, Melontek Lighting is what you are looking for finally. Designed to efficiently replace ANY Double-ended 1000 watt HPS on the market.

1000w led grow light UK Applications:

1000w led grow light UK apply to plant factory and growth chambers, and suitable for full-cycle planting of cannabis, effectively shortening plant growth cycle

Apply to plant factory and growth chambers

Suitable for full-cycle planting of cannabis, effectively shortening plant growth cycle

1000w led grow light UK Features:

Full spectrum, high-quality LED chips, the spectrum can be adjusted as needed

Generally applicable, saves 40% less energy than traditional HPS lamps

Modular design, the lamp shell is made of high purity aluminum alloy, solid structure and excellent in heat radiation

Surface oxidation treatment, stainless steel fasteners, strong corrosion resistance

PC lampshades, higher transmittance. better strength

Simple in appearance, thin and light, collapsible, simple and variety installation modes

Compared to regular open HPS/MH solutions the Melontek 1000w led grow light UK can achieve 30-40% less HVAC capacity.

1000w led grow light UK Parameters:

  1. Model: M1000LED
  • Optical parameters:

PPF: 2600 μmol/s (M1000LED-A), 2800 μmol/s (M1000LED-B)

PPF/W: 2.6 μmol/J (M1000LED-A), 2.8 μmol/J (M1000LED-B)

Beam Angle: 120

Life: >50000 Hrs

  • Electrical parameters:

Power: 1000W

Input voltage: 100-277Vac

Frequency    Hz: 50/60

Max Input current: 6.2A

Power Factor: –0.9

Driver efficiency: >90%

High voltage test: 1500 Vac/1min

  • Structural parameters:

Number of modules: 10

Dimensions(L*W*H): 1206*1087*48Mm

Weight: 21Kg

IP level: IP54

Color: Silver+Green

  • Comprehensive parameters:

Ambient temperature: 0 ~ +40℃

Storage temperature: -40 ~ +80℃

Ambient humidity: 10 ~ 90%RH

Storage humidity: 10 ~ 90%RH

Pressure: 70 ~ 106kPa

Environmental directives: ROHs

We provide customizable Full Spectrum:

During the different growing periods, you will have to pay for electricity to run the lights and for nutrients to feed the plants.

So our technology team will according to your plant species, quantity, planting area, address, temperature and humidity of planting season, expected income, etc., will provide a customizable spectrum 1000w led grow light UK for your personal.

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