600W LED grow light UK

Ⅰ. Core technology of plant growth 600w LED grow light UK:

Core technology of plant growth 600w LED grow light UK
  1. Full Spectral control technology to provide customized lighting solutions for crops;
  2. Intelligent supplement light system technology is a system that automatically supplements light according to the changes in greenhouse light, temperature and humidity.
  3. Cooling to keep the diodes operating at peak efficiency. It disperses heat so efficiently that you’ll be able to bring ambient room temperatures up
  4. High brightness chip is used. The light efficiency of white chip is up to 3.0-3.2 umol/J. The luminous efficiency of red light chip is up to 3.4-3.6 umol/J.
  5. Full spectrum, include 3000K,6500K white light, 660nm red light
  6. HIgh pure 6063 aluminum to supply great heat dissipation which save about 40% cost.
  7. Dimmable: 0-10V auto/APP/WIFI/computer to control available. Intelligent control design, realizing stepless adjustment of lamp power and APP operation.
  8. 2 types of UV bar 365nm combine with each kind fixture for higher THC/CBD intensity. (Optional)
  9. Can OEM for specific markets, full spectrum, ultra-high PPF value
  10. 120 Degree Beam Structure 15% PPDF increased after using PPFD1 Ft up to 1958Ft.
  11. All chips are in parallel style, It is safe and easy to repair. Broken chip will be never effected other chips working.

Ⅱ. Five major effects of 600w LED grow light UK:

Five major effects of 600w LED grow light UK
  1. Early listing
    Extend the time of photosynthesis, shorten the growth cycle and increase the yield.
  2. Increase production
    600w LED grow light belonging to agricultural semiconductor lighting, through supplementary light to increase the accumulation of organic matter. The output is increased by about 30%.
  3. Resistance to pests and diseases
    Reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers to supplement the light, the plants are strong, and the breeding of pests and diseases is reduced.
  4. Improve the taste of fruits and vegetables
    Improve the taste and gloss of fruits and vegetables and increase the sugar content of fruits.
  5. Prevent production reduction & no harvest
    Supplement light, effectively resist bad weather such as rain, snow, haze, etc., and prevent production cuts and harvests.

Ⅲ: 600w LED grow light UK application:

Greenhouse plant factory, indoor growing hydroponics and large horticultural projects.

Ⅳ: 600w LED grow light UK applicable crops:

Medicinal plants (cannabis), fruits and vegetables, green plants and flowers, etc.

Ⅴ: Melontek Lighting advands:

  1. Famous branded advantages
  2. Custom spectra
  3. Promote growth
  4. Improve quality
  5. Increase production and income
  6. Science fill light
  7. Provide installation plan
  8. Construction and installation
  9. Intelligent control design, realizing stepless adjustment of lamp power and APP operation
  10. The use of customized power supply and professional imported light supplement chip to achieve ultra-high luminous efficiency
  11. Customized supplementary lighting solutions can be provided according to customer needs

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