About Us

Since 2003, We are the suppliers of the FCC part18 electronic ballast and forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market, has achieved more than 40 patents (the Certificate of Design Patents and the Certificate of Utility Model Patents), and developed a core chip(ASIC) for HID, which has independent intellectual property right, it’s 1st enterprise ever on this technology in China.

The original Melontek ballast was launched in the year of  2003. Then we specialized in electronic ballasts for CMH(Ceramic Metal Halide), MH (metal Halide ), HPS (high pressure sodium), which are widely used in commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, hydroponics lighting and plant grow lighting with a full line of complete till now.

Our professional-grade grow lights include: Full spectrum LED grow light, CMH(CDM, LEC) grow light, HPS grow light, can be used for both hydroponics growing systems and indoor plants, like that in greenhouse, garden, vertical farm, grow tent or grow room.

Has own standardized and modernized plant and leading equipment. ISO9001 standard has been strictly followed by our operation and production departments. We pay high attention on quality control. All products are proudly verified by CE \ ROHS \ UL \ CQC. More than 350,000 ballasts and grow light fixtures are used in the world each year. Some of the LED driver products also obtained SAA certificates.

Our technology team brings to the table over 10 years of experience in the horticultural lighting and hydroponic industries. We also have a huge network in the industry.

We endeavor constantly to breakthrough and innovative new technology and work directly with Spain’s commercial companies and research institutions to understand how light can be used to optimize crop production, as well as how lighting efficiency can be better managed in the greenhouse and in growth chambers.

Our foundational core knowledge of our product design is used as the reference data and value for the Lighting Association for many years.

Smart Lighting has become modern grower’s focus to optimize their crop’s growth and flowering.

We believe that plant growth will be needed more professional requirements in the future, extend and develop our smart grow lights solution for all professional growers is the most necessary thing for our technology team, it is also our mission as the most professional manufacture forever.