Advanced led grow lights

Advanced led grow lights are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation and have many advantages, which bring more efficiencies for your grow facility. Advanced led grow lights technology revolutionized the horticultural lighting industry in both lowering electric usage and increasing overall crop yield. They run very cool and exceptionally quiet.

Advanced led grow lights

Advanced led grow lights can separate bars and distribute in case quantities. This allows you to utilize only the number of light bars as needed per track to meet your over all required PPFD on your canopy. The individual LED bars can also be used individually for side or intra-canopy lighting without the track. Easy to connect multiple units.
It helps your plants grow, and one failure in the chain will not affect the rest.

It can around a modular concept and allows for greater ability to raise and lower the light over the canopy while maintaining a desired umol count.

Advanced led grow lights has designed five different bars with five different specific light frequency outputs. Full white, Blue, Blue/Red, Red and UV. This allows the end user to mix for white light with specific frequencies to aid in vegetative and flower growth.

Advanced led grow lights allow random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities, and feature over temperature protection, under voltage protection and open / short circuit protection. It is 0-10V COMPATIBLE, allowing control of your lighting with 0-10V protocol. The units can be used at any voltage range between 100-277 volts.

Advanced led grow lights are also more energy-efficient, typically. They are durable, usually run cool without additional fans, and cost less in electricity. Your grow lights will need to be operating for 18 hours every day at times.

Melontek Advanced Lighting’s LED grow light fixtures

Melontek Lighting's LED grow light fixtures

  1. Full-spectrum and super PPF value for specific market
  2. Intelligent control design, APP operation, realizing power poleless
    adjustment of lamps,
  3. Using customized power supply and professional imported filling chip,
    to achieve ultra-high luminous efficiency.
  4. replaceable for high-pressure sodium lamp, long life, small light decay,
    convenient installation, safe use
  5. Customized light filling scheme can be provided according to customer
  6. Suitable crops: Medicinal plants (cannabis), fruits and vegs, green plants and flowers, etc.

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