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Once you’ve decided which kind of plant grow light you want to plant, it’s time to decide how many watts of LED grow lights you need for the space you have. So LED grow lights how many watts? 1. Determine how much space you need to illuminate. You can use any LED grow lights to […]

1. Three main types of Best full spectrum led grow lights: 1). Quantum Board Quantum Board types tend to have relatively low wattage diodes which are spread out over a large area on a board. These are becoming more popular lately, and seem to offer particularly good results for the amount of wattage used. Spider […]

Hydroponics LED grow lights UK energy-efficient are the lighting of the most welcomed of agriculture. They are not only economic in their use but they produce better plants as well. Indoor plants need and make use of blue light, white, red light and others from the visible light spectrum, and these are precisely the types […]

1. How much does a 800 watt LED grow light yield? If you get a good quality 800 watt LED grow light, it will cover an area of about 30-35 ㎡ for flowering a plant like marijuana. This is true whether you get an LED grow light or an HID grow light. 2. Application areas […]

The best led grow lights for hydroponics allow for precision control of your indoor plants. By adjusting your grow light customized full spectrum wirelessly, it’s possible to speed up flowering times or customize your plants’ structure to root better and be more easily managed. These lights are the closest to sunlight’s dynamic qualities. Best led […]

Are you a grower looking for your professional LED grow lights for hydroponic systems? Or maybe you’re a hobby grower or commercial cultivator looking for the highest output & most reliable grow lights, then you’ve come to the right place here. We supply a great choice of only the best LED grow lights, offering incredible […]

LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS grow lights – Key Differences: 1. 1000 watt LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS working hours Even though the popularity of LED grow lights has overtaken HPS grow lights in modern gardens, there are still significant many differences. HPS grow light is a high-pressure sodium bulb that […]

What are the pros and cons of LED or HPS grow lights? As each grower knew that there’s a lot of debate among growers about whether HID lights (HPS and Metal Halide) are better or worse than LEDs. The truth is, one isn’t holistically better than the other, it just depends on your needs and […]

Factors to consider before buying the best led grow lights for cannabis: 1.How much does the best led grow lights for cannabis cost? The first thing to consider before buying a LED grow light is how much money you want to spend. With more states coming online with adult-use legalization, home growing is becoming more […]

Cannabis LED grow lights UK can produce impressive results. These cannabis plants were grown completely under LED grow lights from seed to harvest! Modern cannabis led grow lights uk are much better for growing cannabis than the ones available even a few years ago. Most of LED lamps are full spectrum. This type of full […]