Best 200 watt LED grow light

Our growers’ guide is dedicated to people who want to know and how to select a 200 watt grow light fixture for their cannabis. It may get easier for you to choose the LED light after you read:

1. What to look for when choosing best 200 watt LED grow light?

Here, we will tell you about the most important things you should pay attention to while selecting the best 200 watts LED grow light.

The first important point is a light color spectrum. Pay attention to the wavelength of the light. Red, blue, and green lights use different attributes of nanometers that work only on a certain stage of cannabis growth.

Secondly, growers should also know the cooling characteristics of the best 200 watts LED grow light. However, nowadays, almost every item features a nice cooling system, which will expand the lifetime of the lights you choose.

I have manufactured you a few efficient grow lights that I like the most. Each of them has some pros and cons, but there is a great chance that you will enjoy using the product in case you decide to buy one after thorough consideration. The 200W LED Grow Light is my favorite product on the list because it is not expensive, waterproof, and can serve you for more than 50 000 hours.

2. Best 200 watt LED grow light advantages.

Best 200 watts LED grow light is made by Melontek Light company which is not expensive, compared to other 200-watt equivalent LED grow lights and bulbs.

You will be interested in this best 200 watts LED grow light, because it was highly efficient during high humidity conditions and even rain. Aluminum die-casting shell, integrated drive power, constant current and constant voltage control, beautiful appearance. IP65, can be used where the waterproof requirements are higher. The price of this product is pretty low. However, you will get a long-lasting light that provides you with blue light 440-470 and red light 630-670. This red light spectrum will make your cannabis grow faster.

The good thing about the product is that you can find a waterproof power cable, and perfect lighting angle design, more stable lens light source. Improve light projection and a wide range of illumination.

Very high light transmittance, effectively reducing the waste of light sources and saving electricity. I should mention that this LED light is made of an aluminum die-casting shell and weighs approximately weight 8.50 Kgs. The manufacturer also gives you a 2-year warranty, a lot of people who grow cannabis like this light because of its longevity and efficiency.

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