Cannabis LED grow lights UK

Cannabis LED grow lights UK can produce impressive results. These cannabis plants were grown completely under LED grow lights from seed to harvest!

Modern cannabis led grow lights uk are much better for growing cannabis than the ones available even a few years ago. Most of LED lamps are full spectrum. This type of full spectrum LED grow light is easier on the eyes and adding at least some amount of green light to blurples typically results in healthier cannabis growth. Other spectrum colors like red, far-red, and infrared are important for the budding/flowering stage. As a professional LED manufacturers have developed specialized lenses to point the light directly to thecannabis and increase penetration, resulting in bigger yields for the same amount of light compared to older.

If you want to choose cannabis led grow lights UK:

※You want to use the most cutting-edge indoor cannabis grow lights with a customized spectrum of light.
※You are willing to do some research to determine the best LED grow light for your space.
※You have enough money to spend on your initial setup (some of the best LED grow lights have a high initial cost)。
※You don’t want to deal with an exhaust system or ducting and would prefer to just hang your grow light over your cannabis plants and let the lights cool themselves。
※Quality of cannabis LED grow lights UK and ease of use are important to you.

Which LED grow light brands can be trusted?

There are hundreds if not thousands of brands of LED grow lights, and a lot of them are great, but we’re only listing brands that we personally know for certain will work well for growing cannabis. These LED grow lights have actually been tested and given the seal of approval by real cannabis growers.

-Spider Farmer
Small, yet intensely efficient, the Spider Farmer SF-1000 has everything a home grower needs and won’t put a strain on your wallet. This system has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. You’re able to control the light intensity using a dimming knob and achieve full-spectrum white lighting. Backed by a 1-3-year warranty (with specifications), you can request local maintenance in case your Spider Farmer SF-1000 suddenly stops working within 90 days. Reviews as a whole gush over this system’s affordability and power capability.

Product specifications:
Suitable for 2’✕2’ to 3’✕3’ grow space
660nm-760nm full-spectrum light: white, blue, red, IR
2.5 µmol/j PPF
Consumes 100W
Includes 90 days free after-service local maintenance

Melontek Lighting – Recommended

Melontek Lighting – Recommended

Efficiency: 2.81 umol/j
Output: 1647 μmol/s
As you can see the efficiency is as good as lights that are powered by Samsung LM301H diodes, while the output is a bit lower.
When you look at the PAR spectrum of light wavelengths covered by this light, you see that all the wavelengths are covered well, just like you would see with other high-quality white lights.
Especially good coverage of the red and far-red spectra. What this means is that this light will perform exceptionally well in the flowering stage. With dimmable LED drivers.

  1. Full spectrum and super PPF value for specific market
  2. Intelligent control design, APP operation, realizing power poleless adjustment of lamps,
  3. Using customized power supply and professional imported filling chip, to achieve ultra-high luminous efficiency.
  4. replaceable for high-pressure sodium lamp, long life, small light decay, convenient installation, safe use
  5. Customized light filling scheme can be provided according to customer requirements
    6.It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

-Electric Sky
This company makes “Quantum Board” or “Spread Style” LED grow lights. Normally I only recommend products that can be found consistently on, and sometimes these ones are available there, but typically you need to order directly from their website. However, I still included them on this list because the results are impressive. This particular company goes above and beyond as far as customer service and gives you detailed instructions on how to use their LEDs to get the best yields and results. The company supports cannabis growers and will answer questions about plants. They are constantly testing their lights and the results show it.

How to Use LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis

With LEDs, always look at the “actual power draw” or “actual power consumption” which is the amount of electricity the LED panel actually pulls from the wall. When comparing different LED grow lights, this is the closest you get to a side-by-side comparison.

Generally, your goal with Cannabis LED grow lights UK should be 50-60 watts per square foot of grow space to get the best results.

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