LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS

LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS grow lights – Key Differences: 1. LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS working hours Even though the popularity of LED grow lights has overtaken HPS grow lights in modern gardens, there are still significant many differences. HPS grow light is a high-pressure sodium bulb that creates a […]

What is a good LED grow light

1. Save money with LEDs What is a good LED grow light? LED stands for light-emitting diode. A form of solid-state lighting, an LED uses a semiconductor chip, known as an LED die, that turns an electrical current into photons through a process called electroluminescence. An LED may be configured either as a single-die emitter […]

High efficiency LED grow lights

With high efficiency led grow lights output to help growth and a pleasing light quality, our energy efficient LED Grow Lights create an optimal indoor gardening space for your plants and you. Here are the benefits in full bloom. 1. High efficiency led grow lights with high performance and less energy consumption Melontek Lighting LED […]

Top full spectrum led grow lights

1. Top full spectrum led grow lights key Shopping Considerations for Grow Lights Cool, Warm, and Full-Spectrum-Top full spectrum led grow lightsGrow lights are labeled with numbers like 2,500K or 6,500K, which tells you the temperature of the light according to the Kelvin scale of measurement. The higher the number, the cooler the light. So […]

LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK

LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK is good or not, which need to be evaluated across a variety of factors: cost, wattage, yield, durability, spectrum and more, so there are some grow lights are truly the best options out there. 1. What LED cannabis grow lights UK to Choose? When selecting the ideal LED Cannabis Grow […]

Distance LED grow light

Generally speaking, distance LED grow light can be kept at 24-26 inches during the seedling phase of growth (first 3 weeks), and 18-22 inches during the vegetative and flowering phases. Hang the grow light a few inches higher if the light is powerful, or a few inches lower if it’s not too powerful. Each LED […]

LED grow light replacement bulbs

LED grow light replacement bulbs are one of the most important aspects of indoor plants growth business. finding the right replacement bulbs for lamps or grow light fixtures isn’t tough. Lighting is our specialty. We suppply to observe your space objectively and take stock of your lighting situation. LED grow light bulbs, also called plant […]

Herb garden LED grow light

Thanks to growing interest in indoor gardening (and a boost from the legalization of marijuana in many states), it’s easier than ever to find Herb garden LED grow light and other tools that’ll help your herbs grow. “Right now there’s a lot of money being put into this technology as more people are eager to […]

Best full spectrum led grow lights for cannabis

1. Three main types of Best full spectrum led grow lights: 1). Quantum Board Quantum Board types tend to have relatively low wattage diodes which are spread out over a large area on a board. These are becoming more popular lately, and seem to offer particularly good results for the amount of wattage used. Spider […]

Advanced led grow lights

Advanced led grow lights are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation and have many advantages, which bring more efficiencies for your grow facility. Advanced led grow lights technology revolutionized the horticultural lighting industry in both lowering electric usage and increasing overall crop yield. They run very cool and exceptionally quiet. Advanced led grow lights Advanced led […]