Cheap led grow lights UK

How to choose the suitable and cheap led grow lights UK?

How to choose the suitable and cheap led grow lights UK

Choose the suitable and cheap led grow lights UK is most important before planting. Greenhouse growers around the world aim to improve vegetable, fruit and floriculture crops. Whether you are looking to improve propagation, growth of young plants or commercial-scale yields Most growers will use LED grow lights and related control systems to improve results.

LED grow lights only emit a very narrow range of wavelengths so by combining different types of LEDs we can precisely configure the grow light to target the wavelengths that your plants need throughout their growth cycles.

1. Aluminum body and passive cooling- BE HOT NO MORE!

The dvantage of LED grow lights has to do with the heat they emit. The increased electrical efficiency of LEDs means they don’t waste as much energy producing heat. With LED grow lighting far less heat is produced which gives you even more advantages:

*Plants can be placed closer to the light source thereby using the available light much more efficiently
*Less heat means less plant “sweat” and evaporation which means they need less water
*They don’t require ballasts

2. LED lighting compact module has an IP66 ingress protection rating.

This means it can withstand dust and water from coming in. The design of the suitable and cheap led grow lights UK compact thus ensures that the grow light delivers very high light output, consistently over time, while being easy to clean.


It’s true, LEDs are a fairly new innovation in the hydroponics world whilst CFLs and HPS have been around for much longer. Here we will compare the advantages of each.
We are comparing a 250W HPS, 250W dual spectrum CFL and 180W LED grow light.

Price: the cheapest option of the 3 is the CFL, coming in at just a shave under £80 followed by the HPS setup at £79.99 and the LED at £105. Clearly the LED grow light is the most expensive option but in the long run, it works out cheaper as they last longer & use less energy.

Winner LED: cheap led grow lights UK.

4. Cost of running Cheap led grow lights UK:

This is where LED lights pay their money. HPS lights can cost upwards of £40 a month in electricity and it recommended you change your bulb every year for optimum results. CFL’s are just like giant light bulbs so they don’t use much electricity but they do tend to lose some of their vigor after 5-6 months. LED’s will work like when you bought them for at least 5 years and our 180w light uses as little as £5 of electricity per month.

Winner: cheap led grow lights UK.

5. Cheap led grow lights UK efficiency:

A lot of the energy used by HPS lights is actually used to produce heat this results in a very inefficient light. CFL’s are efficient but you will require different bulbs for different periods of growth also they exclude the much-needed white light. LED lights offer a full spectrum of light and almost 98% of it is absorbed by your plants.

Winner: LED lights are more efficient.

Cheap led grow lights UK is a most important choice, meanwhile, the quality is above all too. LED grow light manufactures always looking at design aspects that can help make a grower’s business smarter, more efficient and more productive. We have more than 17 years of experience and learnings in LED for horticulture applications. It helps you improve the quality and yield of your crops for a very long period of time to increase your return on investment.

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