Distance LED grow light

Generally speaking, distance LED grow light can be kept at 24-26 inches during the seedling phase of growth (first 3 weeks), and 18-22 inches during the vegetative and flowering phases. Hang the grow light a few inches higher if the light is powerful, or a few inches lower if it’s not too powerful.

Each LED grow light is different because they use different brands of LEDs, different magnifying lenses, and run a different amount of wattage through the LEDs.

1. Distance LED grow light?

Seedling Stage:
the top leaves should be 24-30 inches away from the LED grow light. This is because seedlings are more likely to dry out. Keeping lights farther away will prevent this from happening while still providing the light they need to grow and become established.

Vegetative Stage:
For vegetative stages, you can move the light closer because they are more established. Keep the top leaves about 18-24 inches away from the LED grow light. They need more light for photosynthesis processes and are less likely to be damaged by the light.

Flowering Stages:
For flowering stages, the top leaves should be 12-24 inches away from the LED grow light. They are able to be closer to the lights because they need more energy to produce their flowers and grow fruit.

2. Distance LED grow light Chart

Here is a led grow light distance chart focusing on the various wattages of LED grow lights:

LED grow lights WattageDistance from Plants
1 watt16 inches or 30 cm from your plan
3-5watts20 inches or 30 cm from your plants
6-10watts21 inches or 53 cm away from your plants
200 watts12 to 20 inches away from your plants
250- 400watts16 to 30 inches away from your plants
450- 550 watts20 to 30 inches away from your plants
600- 800 watts28 to 42 inches away from your plants
900- 100 watts36 to 46 inches away from your plants

3. When should adjust distance LED grow light from plants?

When should adjust distance LED grow light from plants

When your plants mature and grow closer to your grow light, you’ll need to either dim the grow light or adjust the distance from the plants. If you don’t adjust the distance or dim the grow light, you’ll risk burning your plants.

Plants Look Heat Stressed:
You need to adjust your grow light’s height above the plants if the plants are heat stressed. Heat stressed leaves appear to be curling upwards towards the light. Immediately increase the distance between your grow light and your plants if you see this happening.

Plants are Stretched:
Plant stems stretch when the distance from the grow light is too far. The plant intentionally stretches its stalk and stems in order to get closer to the light source and receive more intense light.

Genetics can play a role in plant stretching as well, but if you notice this happening, you should hang the grow light closer to the plants. Remember every 12 inches closer to the grow light increases intensity 75%.

4. How high do I hang distance LED grow light for growing cannabis?

Distance LED grow light depends on the power of your grow light. A low power grow light needs to be closer to plants than a high power light. The plant’s phase of growth also plays a factor. Generally speaking LED grow lights can hang between 16 and 24 inches.

Conclusion for the Best distance LED Grow Light UK From Your Plants:

The exact distance LED grow light UK should be from your plants has too many factors in order for it to be simply defined. It would depend on the plants you are growing, the spectrum of your beam (mainly blue and red), the power of your lights and what phase your plants are growing. However, this blog can give you a general idea of what to look for and how to plan out finding out the best height for hanging your grow light. Good luck fellow gardeners!

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