Grow light bulbs UK

If your indoor space lacks natural light, either in the winter or year-round, grow light bulbs UK can provide your indoor plants with the type of light they need to grow and thrive.

Types of grow light bulbs UK

Types of grow light bulbs UK

Grow lights are available in all different types of light bulbs from incandescent to fluorescent to LED. So how do you know which is best suited to grow light bulbs UK?

The most popular types of light bulbs to use as grow lights are incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but you can also use LED lights, halogen lights and traditional horticultural grow lights, like high-pressure sodium bulbs (HPS), metal-halide bulbs (MH) and Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/CDM). The first two are fine for small gardens; if you’re got a larger indoor growing hydroponics, commercial greenhouse and large horticultural projects, LED grow lights makes the most sense. Let’s talk about more technology types about grow light bulbs UK as below:

1. Incandescent light bulbs and halogen lights bulbs

Typically, incandescent and halogen lights are not recommended as grow lamps because, while they do often offer full-spectrum lighting, they operate at a very high temperature that can easily damage foliage. They are also inefficient in terms of energy usage and are being phased out by governments worldwide. In short, there are cheaper, more effective, and more efficient alternatives to incandescent grow lights in this year of 2022. Imitate natural light to assist plant growth. Our selection includes R20, R25, R30, and R40 options. Incandescent bulbs are typically best for the flowering stage because of the low color temperatures.

2. Fluorescent light bulbs

Fluorescent lights are often used as grow lamps because you can easily find tubes that have full-spectrum lighting or which are specifically designed for growing plants. They also give off less heat and are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, meaning they require fewer watts to put out the same amount of light, which is suitable for small gardens or personal few indoor plant growth.

3. Metal Halide Grow Lights or MH grow lights bulbs

It is for Emit strong, cool white light that results in compact, leafy vegetation. This makes them most popular for leafy vegetables like lettuce and herbs. Life hours range from 6,000 to 20,000 hours. Market offer these MH HID lights in a variety of wattages.

4. T5 Fluorescent Grow Tubes bulbs

Operate at low wattages and temperatures. We offer them in different color temperatures to promote growth at the different stages of a plant’s life cycle. Halogen white lamps (3000K) are intended for the flowering period, and full spectrum daylight lamps (6400K and 6500K) are intended for the seedlings, cuttings, and vegetative period. Green T5 fluorescent tubes offer light that is not as visible to the plants but allows you to see and move through space. These grow lights are used primarily at night to keep the plants on an appropriate day/night schedule while not hindering your ability to walk through the grow room. Greenlight has also been shown to create shorter, denser yields.

5. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights bulbs or HID grow lights bulbs

Produce high output ideal for stimulating plant growth. HPS grow lights emit strong, warm white light that promotes flowering. We offer these HD HPS lights in wattages ranging from 150 Watts to 1500, also provide grow light Kits.

6. CFL grow lights bulbs

Operate at low wattages and temperatures. CFL lamps are a good choice for offices and residences where space is limited because the light bulb can be placed up to 6″ away from the plant without burning it. Available in different color temperatures, you can maximize plant growth during different stages of the plant life cycle. Lower color temperatures are ideal for larger leaves during the flowering stage and higher color temperatures maximize plant height, used predominantly for seedlings, cuttings, and the vegetative stage.
Incandescent Grow Lights imitate natural light to assist plant growth. Our selection includes R20, R25, R30, and R40 options. Incandescent bulbs are typically best for the flowering stage because of the low color temperatures.

7. CMH grow lights bulbs

While no light source exactly replicates the sun, CMH grow light fixture / indoor grow Kit is the industry’s best replica of natural sunlight, providing a very consistent and broad spectral output with high energy (µmole/sec). Based on the type of plant, CMH grow light fixture lamps are used by many industry leaders, either as an all-purpose, single-lamp source or as a ‘middle stage’ lamp for crops grown under multiple lamp types. Like 315W, 630W CMH grow lights.

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