1. Industry-leading tec of grow lights for indoor plants UK:

Industry leading tec of grow lights for indoor plants UK

Commercial Indoor Horticulture LED grow light is designed to replace a single-ended HID lamp. Use 4 of our industry leading, custom designed, full spectrum high efficiency white light quantum boards, with Samsung and Osram LED. Amazing 15% MORE Light than SE HPS grow light!

2. Dimmer knob:

Have a dimmable range from flower to veg, grow rooms and grow tents.

3. Key Benefits of grow lights for indoor plants UK:

Uses the latest Samsung LM301H 3.5k Highest Flux bin chips and Osram Deep Red LEDs.

The Number 1Grow lights for indoor plants UK in the world comes with Top quality components Built to last & Engineered to the Highest standards.

SAMSUNG-Quantum Board Technology solves heat related issues during hot summer months by lowering heat emissions from the front of the lamp with minimal heat radiating off the back of the light.

Melontek Lighting LED Grow lights offer Superior Canopy Penetration due to Diffused Light Emission this, means more Light passes through your plant’s canopy and reaches lower down your plant.

Grow lights for indoor plants UK achieve more yield Per Watt and Grow Higher Quality Crops than you would using HID/HPS and other Brand LED grow lights.

Balanced white + Enhanced Red spectrum = Perfect for full-cycle grow light for Vegging & Flowering your plants.

Literally slash your electricity bills and grow room heat in half.

Are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation that features many advantages compared with traditional light.

Utilize the number of light bars as needed per track to meet your over all required PPFD on your canopy.

4. Top Features of Grow lights for indoor plants UK:

High efficiency white light

IP66 Waterproof

UL/ ETL Listed

Manual & Auto Dimming

All in one design

Plug & Play

Full Spectrum

Reliable passive-cooled design

Better canopy light penetration with diffused light

Dimmable power supply included

supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC

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