High efficiency LED grow lights

With high efficiency led grow lights output to help growth and a pleasing light quality, our energy efficient LED Grow Lights create an optimal indoor gardening space for your plants and you. Here are the benefits in full bloom.

1. High efficiency led grow lights with high performance and less energy consumption

 High efficiency led grow lights with high performance and less energy consumption

Melontek Lighting LED grow light improves indoor plants’ yields up to a max of 2.9g/watt. It has high efficacy and high PAR which rises to 1202 at the hanging height of 12 inches.

2. High efficiency LED grow lights with Samsung LM301B diodes

Our high efficiency led grow lights have 252 pcs diodes in total, including 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR LEDs. Based on Samsung’s advanced technology, these LEDs give your plants full spectrum coverage ideal for all stages of growth with high efficiency. From seedling to flower, XS grow lights will perform and can increase your yield by up to 50%, compared to standard blurple style lights.

3. Excellent mean well driver

The mean well driver ensures a long lifespan of over 100,000 hours with perfect working performance. The Mean Well is the industrial-leading driver model as it delivers 94% power efficiency and consumes less electricity.

4. Boost yields to higher level

With a maximum yield of up to 2.9g/watt, and brings big earns to every grower.

5. Super high efficiency

With high PPE. That means it generates much usable light with small energy-consuming. For most growers, getting larger yields while consuming less energy matters the most which is the right choice that gives the best efficacy!

6. PAR Value: higher PPFD and larger harvest

PAR value is a key parameter for measuring the actual efficiency of led grow lights. PAR is the photosynthetic active radiation. The wavelengths that make up the PAR are between 400 and 700 nm used for photosynthesis. To quantify PAR value, they use the PPF concept to help display PAR value and its effects. In the real test, PPFD, the flux density of photosynthetic photons, is tested as PPFD is expressed in micromoles per second per m² (µmol / s / m²). It allows us to quantify on a given surface, at a given distance from the illumination, the number of PAR photon incidents per second.

7. Passive cooling

Good heat dissipation is essential to ensure long-time brightness for plants vegging and blooming. Led grow lights have been structured with an aluminum heat sink. It is designed to extend the cooling area that ensures excellent heat dissipation. The brightness of diodes will turn to decay with long-time high-temperature burning. Optimizes its cooling system by increasing 30% in heating emission which drastically slows the decay speed of diodes.

8. High efficiency led grow lights advantages

Our high efficiency led grow lights have great advantages in the grow lights market. Considering the real-life performance, durability, effectiveness, and result-oriented feature. Additionally, helps boost plant yields dramatically. Cost Less But Give More. we supply the best option for your baby plants’ growth.

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