Hydroponics LED grow lights UK

Hydroponics LED grow lights UK energy-efficient are the lighting of the most welcomed of agriculture. They are not only economic in their use but they produce better plants as well.

Indoor plants need and make use of blue light, white, red light and others from the visible light spectrum, and these are precisely the types of wavelengths LED Grow Lights produce in the main. Red-spectrum light is essential for seedlings, the vegetating phase, and young growing plants, and it also assists in root and bulb development. Red-spectrum light is necessary for plants to produce chlorophyll and it stimulates lush blooming, flowering and fruiting. Furthermore, many kits allow you to choose one or the other sub-spectrum or both. Better quality LED Grow Lights also incorporate a couple of diodes of ultra-violet and infra-red light, besides white light. UV light is valuable to plants as it is involved in improving disease resistance.

Hydroponics LED grow lights UK are integrated in a single compact unit so instead of the outdated and superseded mix-and-match approach, it’s plug-and-play. Other advantages are that they produce negligible heat so you need have no worries of heat damage to seedlings or delicate plants. Unlike other types of lights, LEDs consume very little power so you need have no worries on another score – your electricity bill! In all truth, a high-end LED Grow Light is the next best thing to natural sunlight.

Melontek Lighting’s LED grow light:

Melontek Lighting's LED grow light

has high top-quality Samsung LM301B LEDs and famous brand driver and has a maximum ‘yield wattage’ or effective wattage of watts.

They are also available in 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 ‘yield watts.’

For example, if at 100 watts, this Grow Light’s PPFD is rated at 2.7 µmol/J but is actually 1.98 µmol/J. And its PAR intensity is very even or well-graduated which includes not only blue and red spectra lights but also white light for a closer approximation to sunlight. Its near full-spectrum light comprises of white, blue, red (660-665 nanometres), and infra-red. The white light has a colour temperature at 3000 and 5000 Kelvin. (3000 K is very close to the ‘white’ light of a tungsten bulb; 5000 K is at the pivot of ‘cool white’ light.)

Unlike other LED Grow Lights, we produces an exceptionally well-balanced light approximating natural light with the advantage that you can see your plants in their true colours to help indoor plants growth well indeed.

Melontek Lighting’s LED grow light are strong and bright enough for you to want to dial down the brightness if you have only one or two plants, or if the plant is but a seedling and the distance is short. Controller design is as the dimmer and can be adjusted by hand or by App.

It runs perfectly silently after customers testing. provides a three-year ‘local warranty’ meaning ‘after-service’ at the ‘local maintenance centre.’

This waterproof Grow Light has a slim profile, is really sturdy, and manifests excellent build quality.

Hydroponics LED grow lights UK Pros:

One of the very best Grow Lights with respect to spectrum, light balance, and colour temperature.
Slim, silent, and waterproof, it has outstanding build quality.
If plants could vote, most likely Spider Farmer’s Lights would be elected President.

In sum, we produce exceptional brightness and balance of Hydroponics LED grow lights UK.

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