LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK

LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK is good or not, which need to be evaluated across a variety of factors: cost, wattage, yield, durability, spectrum and more, so there are some grow lights are truly the best options out there.

1. What LED cannabis grow lights UK to Choose?

When selecting the ideal LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK lighting system, all the growers must keep in mind that cannabis needs full-spectrum lighting to grow well. Full-spectrum lighting includes wavelengths that range from 400nm to 720nm. This specific spectral wavelength range is also what activates PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), which is a biochemical process in plants that is necessary for growth.

As such, light from near-ultraviolet to infrared is essential and necessary for growing cannabis plants as well as all other plants. Full-spectrum lighting closely mimics sunlight, which is the ultimate source of full-spectrum light. Without the full spectrum of light, plants will not grow well and will be small and weak. It is also essential to keep in mind that while the LED lights are full-spectrum, they do not have to be different colors. Older, outdated lighting systems that were used to grow cannabis would use different color LED lights.

Plants utilize different colors or wavelengths of light at different times. Cannabis plants require more red light which has a wavelength of 600nm to 800nm. For cannabis, red light is particularly important during the flowering stage of growth, and exposure to red light tells the plants that it is summer. When a grower uses red light, it helps the plants grow taller and also to begin to bud. As such, exposing cannabis plants to red light to promote them to move into the flowering stage more quickly speeds up the growing process naturally. Growers do have to be careful to monitor growth as too much red light can cause the plants to grow more elongated than desirable. Also, exposure to more red light should only be used when the grower is ready for the budding process to begin.

2. What LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK Kelvin Do You need?

What LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK Kelvin Do You need

Growers must also consider the Kelvin temperature used when growing cannabis plants. Degrees Kelvin is used to measure how hot or cold a light source is. However, the measure is not related to the actual physical temperature. It is related instead to the visual light temperature. For example, the higher the Kelvin temperature, the cooler light is. Or it may be expressed as the more blue the light color is. If a light has a low Kelvin temperature, it is considered to be warm. Low Kelvin temperatures are also described as being redder.

Different Kelvin temperatures affect the growing cycle of cannabis in varying ways. Therefore, there are ideal temperatures to use at certain times. For flowering and the fruiting stage of growth, a grower would want to use 2700 degrees Kelvin. This temperature will create a more warm light with red tones, and this is most optimal for flowering. For the vegetative stage of growth, 4000 degrees Kelvin is the most appropriate as this creates a cool light that is closest to daylight. During the seeing stage, the grower should select to use 5000 degrees Kelvin or higher. To achieve these temperatures, you can also add 5000 degrees Kelvin standard light as opposed to LED grow lights, and they will help create a more blue or a higher Kelvin temperature.

Each grower should work with his plants and bulbs to determine what temperatures work best to assist with the various growth stages.

What is most important is to have quality LED Cannabis Grow Lights UK that can provide a full spectrum light source for your cannabis growing operation. Newer LED lights will give a light output that is the closest to natural sunlight and will have no gaps in the light spectrum. This will ensure that your cannabis plants have access to a full spectrum of light that they need to grow strong and healthy.

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