LED grow light UK

LED grow light UK design is based on the plant’s demand for light to match the ratio of the lamp beads, and the red and blue light is the most needed light in the process of plant growth. Simply speaking, the process of plant growth requires more red light than blue light.

1. So why is the red light in the LED grow light UK more than the blue light?

So why is the red light in the LED grow light UK more than the blue light?

Saying that there is no proof, saying that plants need more red light than blue light, there must be a reason for everything, let’s analyze it together below:

  1. The chlorophyll content is higher than that under natural light when irradiated with LED grow light UK, which means that in the process of stem growth and development, by comparing the effects of natural light and red light on plant growth, the chlorophyll content decreases first and then after being irradiated by natural light. increase. Red light can obviously promote the formation of chlorophyll, and the extension of conversion learning time will be more and more obvious;
  2. Plant growth under the red light of LED grow light is higher, partly because the plant has higher chlorophyll content, strong photosynthesis, and more synthesis of impurities, which provides too much material and energy for plant growth;
  3. The NR activity in the stem under red light is significantly greater than that under natural light. Visible red light can promote nitrogen metabolism in the stem, and the red light of LED plant grow lights can greatly promote the flowering and fruiting of plants;
  4. It can be provided from above. LED grow light UK’s red light is more than blue light mainly because plants have different needs for red and blue light.

    Basically introduce: blue light mainly prevents the growth of plants, promotes the formation of plant dry matter, has a significant effect on the growth of rhizomes, has a serious impact on the chemical composition of plants, can promote the synthesis and quantity of protein and a small amount of increase, and has an effect on succulents.

    Red light has the effect of promoting chlorophyll formation, embedding and accumulation, absorption and utilization, and promotes plants to bloom and bear fruit;

    In the process of rapid propagation, the use of LED plant growth lamps with many red light particles to supplement light has obvious effects on promoting the rapid rooting of various plants and improving the quality of seedlings.

With years of experience in phosphor research and development and the advantages of spectral resolution technology, the LED grow light can truly achieve precise fill light and adjustable spectrum.

LED grow light UK, the intelligent plant supplement light expert by your side!

2.Is the full-spectrum LED grow light UK the best plant growth light?

Is the full-spectrum LED grow light UK the best plant growth light?

It is undoubtedly the best to use LED grow light UK to supply plants’ growth light, which is closest to natural light. It can be used in all aspects of plant growth and is also the most beneficial to plant growth.

When plants undergo photosynthesis, they mainly absorb red and blue light, but less green light. In addition to the full spectrum, the LED plant supplement light also has a red and blue spectrum, which can be customized artificially. Ordinary LED lights contain more blue and green light, and less red light.

The blue light near 450nm has an effect on the synthesis of plant proteins and organic acids, and it is mainly used for plant budding, stems and leaves and photosynthesis; the red light near 660nm has an effect on the formation of carbohydrates, such as promoting plant flowering and fruiting.

Therefore, with ordinary grow lights, there is no major problem with seedlings in the early stage, but growth retardation is prone to occur in the later stage, and red light needs to be supplemented. Therefore, if you want plants to grow healthily, you still need a professional plant supplement light – LED grow light UK. Ordinary LED lights can’t completely provide the light needed by the plants, so they can provide sufficient light.

LED grow light UK uses spectral control to accurately supplement the light for plants and strengthen the light of the wavelength required for plant growth. Based on professional phosphor control technology, years of practical promotion experience, excellent technology, and professional services have won unanimous praise from customers!

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