LED grow lights for hydroponic systems

Are you a grower looking for your professional LED grow lights for hydroponic systems? Or maybe you’re a hobby grower or commercial cultivator looking for the highest output & most reliable grow lights, then you’ve come to the right place here.

We supply a great choice of only the best LED grow lights, offering incredible full-spectrum LED grow lights for hydroponic systems while producing drastically less heat in comparison to HPS lighting. Compact and lightweight, LED grow lights for hydroponic systems are now a true alternative to the traditional HPS grow lights.

With no LED grow lights to replace after each grow-cycle, LED grow lights are very low maintenance. Add to that the long lifespan (several years at least) and tailor-made light spectrums especially developed for optimum plant growth, these lights can really revolutionize your growing experience.

Final crop quality is increased greatly because of the vastly improved spectrum of light that we produce. We offer only the best models the LED grow lighting that we stock has been extensively tested by ourselves, and each LED grow light represents the best that you can get at its price point.

Fast harvest cycle time:

Melontek LED grow lights can be used for 24 hours a day with little effect on temperature. When growing indoor plants indoors, lack of environmental factors means the plants rely on you to tell them what season it is and with it, how they should behave and grow.

The use of LED grow lights for hydroponic systems enables you to change the daylight hours and the amount of red wavelength light at the exact right time to maximize the plant growth speed rate.

Increased indoor plants lifespan:

Melontek LED grow lights have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which is much longer than traditional lighting systems. A large reason for this is the low operating temperature of the lights.

Conventional lighting systems produce a lot of heat, which reduces their lifespans significantly. The longer lifespan of LEDs means you can grow crops for many years without needing to replace the lighting systems, which reduces costs.

Save energy:

As LED grow lights manufacturer, our LED grow lights are more efficient than traditional grow lighting systems, consuming 60% less energy to give the same level of light.

They emit less heat and provide more usable light than traditional lighting systems. This is because an LED diode does not burn anything to produce light. Due to their reduced energy use and heat production, LED grow lights lower energy bills considerably.

Grow more healthier indoor plants

Grow more healthier indoor plants

Light sources that emit more UV rays, IR rays, and heat are counterproductive to plant growth. This is because they can cause plants to burn and dry up quickly, which leads them to need more water and energy to stay alive.

With LED grow lights, heat and harmful wavelengths of light are limited. As a result, the water and energy is used to grow and develop healthier plants and not to merely survive.

Customized LED grow lights wavelength for hydroponic systems:

LED grow lights enable us to regulate and customized the wavelengths of lights, which means we can give plants the exact light they need for photosynthesis. Grow lights, can give the indoor plants the exact spectrum of lights they need to grow. No light goes to waste and you get the most out of your energy dollar.

Full Spectrum of the best LED grow lights:

The best LED plant lights produce a balanced full spectrum of light. they give you all the light your plants need, most fixtures allow you to turn off specific wavelengths, so you can produce the perfect light for every stage of plant growth. This means that our LED lights are actually better for your plants than natural light.

Cool operating temperature:

LED grow lights for hydroponic systems do not give off a lot of heat.
LED light does not much affect the operating temperature in a greenhouse or grow room. LED plant lights eliminate the need to install cooling systems in your grow area.

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