LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS

LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS grow lights – Key Differences:

1. 1000 watt LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS working hours

Even though the popularity of LED grow lights has overtaken HPS grow lights in modern gardens, there are still significant many differences.

HPS grow light is a high-pressure sodium bulb that creates a red spectrum for the flowering phase. HPS grow light generally last between 20,000 to 35,000 hours, which easy to replace a new one. LED grow lights are said to last up to 50,000 hours, whereas some LED grow lights need to be shipped to manufacturers for warranty repair on the rare occasion the LEDs go out early.

2. LEDs white light spectrum is better

LEDs white light spectrum is better

It’s been documented in university studies that growing plants with the white light spectrum, like the spectrum produced by modern, LED grow lights, is superior to using red and blue light wavelengths alone.
Tomato yields were 12% to 16% better when using white light found on modern LED grow lights. Some modern LED grow lights also include infrared and ultraviolet diodes, each of which has specific benefits for growing cannabis.

3. Energy of Heat

1000w HPS grow lights are known for high heat output. If you’re unable to control your climate well, it may be worthwhile to get an LED grow light. If you have a portable A/C or an otherwise well-controlled climate, you should be able to manage the heat of HPS grow lights.
So the energy of heat is from HPS grow light is be paid attention.

4. Light spread of LED grow lights vs 1000 watt HPS

HPS grow lights can create very centralized light, depending on the setup. The open wing style reflector or closed is good for light spread.

Most LED grow lights have gotten much better at spreading light evenly across the canopy. I’d argue they’re definitely better at uniform light spread than MH / HPS grow lights.
the newer multi-bar style or quantum board style LED grow lights have been a big improvement, more and more growers have felt this good using point and have got benefits from this.

5. LED grow lights for higher quality indoor plants

Science says certain light wavelengths produced by LEDs are beneficial – such as ultraviolet, infrared, and the other colors included in white spectrum grow lights.
If growers can spend a bit extra on LEDs firstly, they can get more after using them for many years.

But If growers are growing more than one cannabis plant on a budget, and HPS grow light is probably the way to go in terms of bang for your buck.

6. Give an example of led grow lights vs 1000 watt hps grow light planting comparison

If you’re growing in a large area, you need to decide between spending a large sum now and having a lower expense after a few years, or spending less now, but higher electricity expense throughout. Here’s an example:

A 20 x 20 foot grow area would require 16 grow lights that cover 5×5 feet each. In other words, you can spend 16 x $900 for LED grow lights that cover 5×5 feet each, or you can spend 16 x $190 for 1000 watt HPS grow lights.

The upfront cost difference is over $11,000. The electricity difference would theoretically be ~$25 extra per month for each HPS grow light, assuming $0.13 per kilowatt-hour (average US cost) and 18 hour light days.

After 27 months of 18 hour light days, the extra $25 per month you’d spend on electricity for each HPS light would equal the $11,000 you would have spent upfront on LED grow lights.

The difference is if you initially decided to buy LED grow lights, after 27 months you’ve saved back your $11,000, and you’ll continue to spend $25 x 16 less on electricity per month than if you chose HPS grow lights.

Commercial growers may choose to spend more upfront on LED grow lights and reap the electricity savings a few years down the road.

Final thoughts
led grow lights vs 1000 watt hps grow light’s result is that HPS grow lights still have their uses and LED grow lights also are welcomed by many growers. What kind of grow light you need, depends on your situation of planting. I hope this discussion helps you along in your decision.

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