1000 watt equivalent led grow light

LED grow light model: 1000 watt equivalent led grow light

1000 watt equivalent led grow light Parameter:

Size: 120cm*100cm
Power: 1000W
Input voltage: 100-240V
Working frequency: 50-60hz
Lamp beads type: 3030 lamp beads
Number of lamp beads: 3360PCS
Chip: Samsung and Osram
PE(umol/J): 2.6-2.8umol/J
Peak wavelength: blue light 440-470, red light 630-670
Installation height: 30cm-90cm away from the crops
Power supply: customized
Material: Super navigation empty aluminum
Weight: 23Kgs
Beam angle: 120°
Irradiation area: 6-7m²
Working environment: -20-40, 45%RH-90%RH

1000 watt equivalent led grow light Features:

The spectrum is adjusted by phosphor technology to provide a reasonable supplementary light scheme for plants to meet the spectral needs of a variety of plants at different growth stages.
It is safe, waterproof, stable, easy to install, effective in heat dissipation, and strong in durability.
The ratio of red and blue light can be customized according to the plant varieties planted by the customer.

1000 watt equivalent led grow light Advantages:

1. Built for specific markets, full-spectrum, ultra-high PPF value
2. Intelligent control design, realizing step-less adjustment of lamp power and APP operation
3. The use of customized power supply and professional imported light supplement chip to achieve ultra-high light efficiency
4. It can replace high-pressure sodium lamp, with long life, low light decay, convenient installation and safe use
5. Customized supplementary lighting solutions can be provided according to customer needs

1000 watt equivalent led grow light is suitable for application areas:

Medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables, green plants and flowers, etc.

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