200w LED grow light full spectrum

LED grow light model: 200w LED grow light full spectrum

200w LED grow light full spectrum Parameter:

Size: 31cm*31cm
Power: 200W
Input voltage: 85-265V
Weight: 8.5 Kgs
Material: Aviation Aluminum
Installation height: 2-2.5M
Lighting area: 20-30²
Beam angle: 120°

200w LED grow light full spectrum Features:

1. Lamp body radiator
Adopt a new type of heat dissipation design, the heat is distributed evenly. High heat dissipation aluminum alloy material, the whole is beautiful and firm.
Waterproof and anti-rust technology, prolong the service life.

2. Combined design
Flexible design, uniform light output, more efficient performance.

3. Special lamp beads for plant fill light
Perfect lighting angle design, more stable lens light source
Improve light projection and wide range of illumination
Very high light transmittance, effectively reducing the waste of light sources and saving electricity

4 IP65, can be used where the waterproof requirements are higher.

Full power, No dummy watt.

5. Pure Die-casting aluminum lamp housing, guarantee heat dissipation.

6.. Ring and bracket installation stypes are available.

7. Full spectrum, professional light distribution. Custom spectrum is available.

200w LED grow light full spectrum Advantages:

1. Aluminum die-casting shell, integrated drive power, constant current and constant voltage control, beautiful appearance
Observe the atmosphere, use more safely and stably
2. Fin heat dissipation design, the light source and the radiator structure fit together, and the heat conduction is expanded
Disperse uniformly, effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp body and prolong the service life.
3. The number of photosynthetic light quanta is relatively high, suitable for high-end light-loving crops
4. We can provide customized lighting solutions according to customer needs

200w LED grow light full spectrum Plants suitable for planting:

High-value fruits such as cherries, grapes, nectarines, dragon fruit, etc.
Vegetables; tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants and other vegetable crops;
Various high-end green plants, flowers, medicinal materials, etc.

200w LED grow light full spectrum is suitable for application areas:

Greenhouses, planting laboratories, high-tech gardening, commercial planting and etc.

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