40w grow light

Model: 40w grow light

40w grow light Parameter:

Model Size Power Input voltage Weight material mounting height Irradiation Area Light angle
MLMX40 14*30cm 40w 85-265V 0.23KG High purity aluminum 2m-2.5m 12-16㎡ 120°
led plant light strip spectrum
                                     40W led plant light strip spectrum

40w grow light Technical Parameters:

Input voltage 85-265V
Working current 1200mA
Lamp bead type COB
Red to blue ratio 4-7: 1
Peak wavelength Blue light 660nm, red light 460nm
shell material Aluminum profile
Installation height 2-2.5 meters
Power factor 0.9
working frequency 50-60hz
Wire Gold Line
Color temperature 1700K
Beam angle 120 °
working environment -20 ℃ -60 ℃

40w grow lightFeatures:

The spectrum is adjusted by phosphor technology to provide a reasonable supplementary light scheme for crops to meet the spectrum needs of various crops at different growth stages.

Safety, high waterproof performance, convenient installation, remarkable heat dissipation effect, and strong durability.

The ratio of red and blue light can be customized according to the needs of customers for planting crops.

40w grow light Advantages:

1. Spectra can be adjusted by phosphor technology to provide an accurate light supplement scheme for crops
2. Wide range of crops can be applied to promote an early listing, increase production and income, and improve quality
3. Using 3030 twin crystal chip, high light efficiency, high PPF value
4. High thermal conductivity aluminum design, remarkable heat dissipation effect, long service life, strong durability, cost-saving
5. Practical and reasonable design, convenient installation, and use

40w grow light effect reflects:

Use an integrated isolated power supply, making it safer to use for a long time. The lamp body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum,
which is stable and safe. Using imported chips and self-developed LED phosphors, the product has a large light-emitting surface, and the effective
area of ​​the co-products maximizes photosynthesis, thereby promoting crop growth. This product has the advantages of long life, low light decay, no radiation,
low energy consumption, etc., and can replace high-pressure sodium lamps. The installation is more convenient, the use is safer, and the waterproof level
can reach IP65. It can be widely used in agricultural production and increase the income of growers.

40w grow light application areas:

Indoor plants hydroponics, greenhouse and large horticultural projects:   Cherry planting, grape planting, dragon fruit planting, high-end fruit crops, various vegetables, etc.

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