600w 240V Super Lumen MH HPS Digital Ballast for HID Hydroponic Grow Equipment Light System Quiet Silent

600w 240V Super Lumen MH HPS Digital Ballast for HID Hydroponic Grow Equipment Light System Quiet Silent


1. Size of 600Watt digital ballast
1.1 Rectifier Length(L) [mm] 240± 2
1.2 Rectifier Width(W) [mm] 100± 2
1.3 Rectifier Heigth(H) [mm] 60± 2

2.Data of Ballast
2.1 Starting voltage min. [V] 180 Vac
2.2 Starting time [S] 5Max
2.3 Pulse voltage [KV] 3-4.5kv

3.Lamp electrical parameter
3.1 Lamp type HPS600W
3.2 Lamp voltage [V] 120(HPS)
3.3 Lamp current [A] 5
3.4 Lamp wattage [W] 600

4. Input parameter
4.1 Input voltage [ V] 230 Vac
4.2 Current reference [A] 3(super)
4.3 Input wattage [W] 680((super)
4.4 Input frequency [HZ] 50/60
4.5 Power factor [ cosΦ] ≥0.98
4.6 THD / ≤10

5.Output parameter
5.1 Output frequency [kHz] 70-210
5.2 The dimming range 4(250,400,600,super)
5.3 Open circuit voltage [V] ≤400
5.4 Crest factor ≤1.7
5.5 Factor ≥94.5%
5.6 Output wire 10CM(includes the female seat)
5.7 Plug interface model(input end) QT3

6. Other
6.1 Surface temperature [℃] 75 Max.
6.2 Ambient temperature [C°] -20-35



1. Suitable for 600w HPS and MH grow lights/bulbs
2. Ultra-Safety: Protection against Short Circuit, Power Surge, Ignition Failure, Overheat, End-of Bulb-Life
3. Silent operation-Silent running and cool operating temperature,
4. Ballast and bulb can be used with any type of 600W Euro reflector
5. Plastic shell, higher insulation protection and lighter weight
6. With 30% more lumens and a higher PAR/PPF output than a standard ballast,600Watt digital ballast actually uses far less energy too – making it more economical to run and giving higher yields than previously possible.
7. Safety uses full circuit protection including open/short circuit, over-temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification and EMI suppression.
8. Fast start-up facility and generates much less heat than other conventional ballasts.
9. Enjoy longer bulb life too with this high-capacity digital ballast, as our Digital ballast is incredibly stable and reliable, ensuring unbeatable grow house results.



We are the most powerful and reliable digital ballast manufacture.
600W CMH ballast is suitable for 600W CMH Grow Light Kit/Fixture with 3000K and 4000K color temperature lamps.
Using for Hydroponics/greenhouse/indoor plants growth.

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