630W CMH Hydroponics Lettuce Indoor Plant Seeds Growing Lighting Fixture kit Dimming Double-Ended with Low-Frequency Ballast 120V-277V Grow Light

Technical specifications:

Power: 630 Watt
Dim Settings: 315w, 400w, 500w, 600w, 630w
Input voltage: 120V-277VAC ± 10%
Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
Input power: 690W ± 3%
Input current: 2.86A
Minimum power factor: ≥0.97
THD: ≤10%
Wave crest coefficient: ≤1.7
Pulse Voltage: 4-6KV
Max humidity: 95%
Max ballast shell temperature: 75℃/167 ℉
Ambient temperature: -25- + 50 ℃ / -4- + 104 ℉

Length: 17.52”
Width: 10.39”
Height: 5.12”
Weight: 2.75Kgs (6.08LB)

3100K CMH lamp: ideal for flowering

T12(Clear,Double Envelope)
Light output(Lumens @ 100 Hours) 78500
Lumens per Watt (lm/w) 125
Rated life (Hours @ 10 Hour / start) 10000
Correlated Color Temperature (K) 3100
Color Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra) ≥90
Photon flux(µmol/s) 1200
Burning Position HOR±15°

630W CMH DE成长灯泡

4200K CMH lamp: ideal for vegetative growth

Light output(Lumens @ 100 Hours) 65000
Lumens per Watt (lm/w) 105
Rated life (Hours @ 10 Hour / start) 10000
Correlated Color Temperature (K) 4200
Color Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra) ≥97
Photon flux(µmol/s) 1150
Burning Position HOR±15°

630W 4000K DE CMH灯泡

Physical Data /Requirements
Max.Base Temperature (℃) 250
Max.Bulb Temperature (℃) 700
Luminaire Type Open/Enclosed


Offer deepest canopy penetration with broad-true full horticultural spectrum from tomatoes leaves top to bottom Buds.
Dimmable 630W CMH Grow Light for tomatoes indoor plant growth
More lumens & spectral distribution optimized for photosynthesis efficiency.
Blue output for healthy tomato leaf growth and robustness, flowering, vegetable fruits
CMH Lamp more μmol output within the PAR spectral range(Photosynthesis Active Radiation)
Supply enough full spectrum for the full cycle of a plant’s life.
All CMH fixtures are FCC tested and compliant.


Efficient growth lighting in professional large Tomatoes greenhouses, hydroponic tomatoes industries and horticultural lighting.

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