9 watt LED grow light

9 watt LED grow light

LED grow light model: 9 watt LED grow light

9 watt LED grow light Technical Parameters:

Input voltage: 85-265V
Working current: 1200m
Lamp bead type: SMD2835
Red to blue ratio: 4-7:1
Peak wavelength: blue light 400-470, red light 630-670
Shell material: aluminum profile
Installation height: 0.3-0.5M
Power: 9W
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Color temperature: 1700K,
Beam angle: 120°
Working temperature: -20℃-60℃

9 watt LED grow light features:

The spectrum is adjusted by phosphor technology to provide a reasonable supplementary light program for crops to meet the spectrum
needs of various plants at different growth stages.
Safety, high waterproof performance, convenient installation, remarkable heat dissipation effect and strong durability.
The ratio of red light and blue light can be customized according to the plant needs of customers.

9 watt LED grow light Standard configuration:

Plant light main light
Lifting snap ring.

9 watt LED grow light Application areas and Applicable crops::

High-end gardening
Plant laboratory
High-end greenhouse
Planting in a warm greenhouse in winter
Glass greenhouse
Tissue nursery
Nursery planting

Examples of fill light effects:

Our technolohy team has tested 9 watt LED grow light to effect the tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries and strawberries plants:

1. Early ripening time: tomatoes-about ten days in advance, cucumbers, cherries, strawberries-about 15 days in advance
2. Fruit condition: solid and full, high coloring rate, good taste
3. Plant conditions: the ability to resist diseases and insect pests is enhanced, the pollination rate during the flowering period of the cherry increases by 20%, and the yield increases by 20%-30%

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