HPS 1000W Double-Ended Lamp System Kits for Indoor Plants includes 1000 Watt DE HPS Bulb and Adjustable Reflector and Digital Dimmable Ballast 240V Grow Light


1000W DE HPS Blur

1000W DE HPS Blur

1000W DE HPS Blur


Light output(Lumens @ 100 Hours): 155000

Lumens per Watt (lm/w): 155

Rated life (Hours @ 10 Hour / start): 15000

Correlated Color Temperature (K): 2000

Color Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra): 30

Photon flux(µmol/s): 2050

Burning Position HOR: ±15



* High-Pressure Sodium Lamp specially developed for plant growth. Compared with standard HPS and HID bulbs, double-ended bulbs deliver an intense orange spectrum, more efficient and brighter.
* High frequency digital dimmable ballast 120V-240V designed specifically for Double Ended Grow Lamps 1000W (HPS/MH), adjustable to 50%, 75%, 100%, Super Lumens output.
* Powered from both ends for even firing and operation, resulting in even light coverage and stronger output.
* Great for the vegetative and flowering stages of the growth cycle.
* FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT Includes a Super HPS Double Ended 1000W HPS Bulb, high PAR 2100um+ output, providing 35% more available energy than Standard HPS Lamp bulb.
* Perfect for hydroponic, aeroponic and horticulture growing equipment.
* 30000 hours long span-life time, 2000K color temperature, 150000 lumens.
* All CMH fixtures are FCC tested and compliant.  UL listed and CE certified.


Efficient growth lighting of 1000 Watt Double-ended grow light for the large and professional greenhouses, hydroponic industries, horticultural lighting, personal customized indoor lighting layouts.

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